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AB: Linking legalization to medical use was a brilliant decision. We are living in a country where young people everywhere are actively seeking out new and creative ways to self-medicate. News Politics Entertainment Communities. But my point is also none of it has to happen overnight. And it's an opinion born of the thousands of addicts I've come into contact with -- and helped -- down through the decades. Decriminalization or re-legalization would mean that certain drugs would be legally available, but regulated by the government which would mean restrictions on advertising, age limitations, restrictions on the amount purchased at one time, requirements on the form in which certain drugs would be supplied and maybe a ban on sales to intoxicated persons, etc. And the more I read, the more I realized she was right. Alex Berenson is probably best known as the author of the John Wells espionage thrillers, 11 of them so far, but until he was a reporter, including for 11 years at The New York Times, where his assignments ranged from the pharmaceutical industry to Hurricane Katrina. After receiving an authorization card, "patients" can then buy as much marijuana as they like for a year for any reason they choose. Questions like, "Who is this helping?

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  • The most incendiary issue I've been dealing with here in Los Angeles (where I live) has been the whole "Legalization of Marijuana" debate.

    But I am also a neuroscientist, and I can see that the story is being. to regulate pot, was passed amid anti-Mexican sentiment (as well as. I'm not averse to change, I'm not old school, and I'm not simply a stickler for the rules; I've just seen beyond the “miracles” of weed. Until you've seen a drug.
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    Yes, I'm a Millennial and I'm Against Marijuana Legalization

    Juvenile Justice. And this is a problem because without the right information, it's very easy to get the issue confused.

    images im against weed

    And I think that's what we should be doing after all. There'd be advertisements in newspapers and on TV.

    images im against weed
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    Both sides are very passionate about changing the law, and both sides have good arguments for effecting this change, but no one seems to want to do the homework and get the information for themselves.

    Juvenile Justice. And I think that comparing the legalization of a powerful intoxicant to the invention of the automobile is a stretch at best. Don't let people tell you what to think.

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    We should be asking questions. This is my expert opinion.

    images im against weed

    Marijuana is not "prescribed" for anything.

    While there's a strong argument that cannabis is less intoxicating than alcohol when it comes to being able to drive safely, the fact remains that high people.

    The country's new attitude toward marijuana has depended on the notion “I'm glad this is happening,” tweeted Lawfare's Quinta Jurecic in.

    images im against weed

    Permitting pot is one thing, but promoting its use is another, Malcolm may interfere with the brain's anti-inflammatory mechanisms, resulting in.
    As you know, establishing causal links between crime rates and, well, anything, is extremely tricky.

    Do we really want to create a culture that is full to bursting with adults who have no coping or self-soothing skills, who live their lives with unexplained panic disorders and high anxiety no pun intended? Gupta also introduces us to a family of marijuana farmers called the Stanley Brothers, who have managed to breed a strain of marijuana that is rich in cannabidiol CBD and low in THC, which has its own miraculous medicinal qualities.

    Part of Wellness. AB: This question fundamentally misunderstands medical marijuana. We're not fighting to prevent people from receiving the medical help they desperately need.

    Legally Blind Why I'm Against Legalizing Marijuana HuffPost Life

    I don't favor full legalization because that creates an industry with a financial interest in low taxes and increasing use.

    images im against weed
    Im against weed
    We've successfully driven down tobacco use.

    Questions like, "Who is this helping? The psychoactive ingredient in marijuana is tetrahydrocannabinol THC. Sanjay Gupta, a medical correspondent for CNN, was a huge anti-marijuana advocate, but in an unprecedented change of heart, Dr.

    Should it carry a warning label? The mad rush nowadays seems to be to push for the legalization of marijuana, but this begs the question, "Why? AB: To me, that's not so much obvious as irrelevant.

    These days, it's become fairly square to criticize marijuana and its rush toward legalization.

    5 Reasons Marijuana Should Remain Illegal

    Twenty-three states have condoned the drug in. A journalist's pursuit of the truth about marijuana, mental illness and violence. The Marshall Project: Alex, you're really swimming against the tide. As far as I' m concerned, I'm a journalist, not an advocate—I'm just the.

    There's a reason pot was made illegal in the first place and quite frankly, the only In its own report arguing against marijuana legalization, the.
    At first I didn't really believe her—stupidly—but she encouraged me to evaluate the evidence myself.

    Alex Berenson Builds a Case Against Marijuana The Marshall Project

    HuffPost Personal Videos Horoscopes. And last but not least, "What will it say about me if I don't speak out on this vital issue? Should it carry a warning label? Opening Statement Sign up for our daily newsletter covering the best in criminal justice news. Pot has been held out as an answer to the opioid crisis—pain relief without the risk of a lethal overdose.

    The California Experiment.

    images im against weed
    Gupta reversed his position and is now promoting marijuana as a misunderstood drug.

    My argument and this argument is supported by the segment in Dr. AB: This question fundamentally misunderstands medical marijuana.

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    No one wants to deny terminal cancer patients or people with AIDS a medicine that might help them. News Politics Entertainment Communities. As far as I'm concerned, I'm a journalist, not an advocate—I'm just the messenger for a bunch of scientists and physicians who are too busy researching and helping patients to waste time on talk shows—but I knew how the book would be received.

    To this end, I am very against the legalization of marijuana, but not against the decriminalization of the drug.

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    1. But the truth is, alcohol has created so much dysfunction and destruction in our society, why would we want to introduce yet another drug that gets people high and back its usage with the power of Congress?