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Bez kulturnog kontinuiteta — nema kulture. Even while he was secretary of the Council for Culture, Surep worked on the always actual idea of building a new memorial library building. The entire Patriarchate of Pec was once encircled by a wall strengthened with five towers, with one of the donjon additionally fortified. A significant result of this activity was a notable exhibition "Imprisonment — School of Revolutionaries". In all these poems a poet with a gentle Slavic heart is present, a poet sincerely faithful to his country, more often distressed for the fate of his people, than quiet because of his happiness. If he meditated on his end during his last days, gifted with the folk wisdom, he could, nevertheless, conclude that he had done a lot. Evil fate that completely destroyed the National Library in the fire of the German bombs in April was still present in its inadequate rooms of the previous small hotel by Kalemegdan, in spite of the persistency of its restorers.

  • Patriarchate of Pec
  • Narodna biblioteka SR Srbije — Milorad Panić Surep —

  • Preserve and promote Serbian treasures through the recording, archiving, conserving, and promoting of the Serbian culture in a systematic and organized way.


    BLAGO: Collection shortcuts: (Kosovo and Metohija) Decani, Gracanica, Pec, Lipljan, Velika Hoca, Vaganas, Temnica(Raska) Studenica, Sopocani, St George. Visoki Decani Monastery is a major Serbian Orthodox monastery, situated in Kosovo & Metohija, 12 km south from the town of Pec. Its cathedral is the biggest .
    He had, in script, a great part of his book about the evil spirit, the enchanting and exciting book of human existence, full of horrors, secrets and spells.

    From his early youth, from the first years in Beograd, Surep was absorbed in literature and in book. The church complex consists of four churches dating back to the 13th and 14th centuries: The Church of the Holy Apostles was built by the Serbian Archbishop Arsenije in the 13th century and was painted in He appreciated both the contents of the book and its artistic-technical and graphic beauty.

    In summer a new duty was given to Surep: the foundation and organisation of the Institute for the preservation and scientific study of the cultural monuments of Serbia.

    Patriarchate of Pec

    There he endured the two and a half month imprisonment with dignity and consistence.

    images srpsko blago studenicani
    One of the first images of horror that he remembered was this: on a meadow lay one by another his father Milan and his brother Ilija, shot by the Austrians.

    But, unfortiunately, on April 22nd, Surep died. Dr Dimitrije D.

    Narodna biblioteka SR Srbije — Milorad Panić Surep —

    He always set to work and managed to do it successfully. The legal protection became eficacious and permanent owing to Surep's intervention.

    Belgrade, Srpsko Africa and Meso-America Morphology, Materiality, Tech- Blago- Куманово,evgrad, OctoberNeofit Rilsky Isar-Studeničani, Kale Varvara of destruction very clear, probably during the Gaelic.

    Belgrade, Srpsko "Megalithic Monuments and Cult Practices".

    images srpsko blago studenicani

    Blago- evgrad, October da- Gradište -Bucinci, Isar-Studeničani, Kale Varvara. list Задро Zadro military person Blago Zadro Заими Zaimi no~label Nexhmie Републике Republike no~label &#;eljeznice Republike Srpske Рес Res . Strumjani no~label no~result Студеничани Studenicani no~label no~result.
    Surep was arrested and imprisoned in an infamous concentration camp of Banjica on May 15th.

    Later on, Surep became the first director of this Institute. Having contributed to the independence of the Council for Culture, which became highly engaged institution, Surep became secretary of the recently founded Committee for the foundation of the Museum of the Revolution of the Peoples of Yugoslavia in September In summer a new duty was given to Surep: the foundation and organisation of the Institute for the preservation and scientific study of the cultural monuments of Serbia.

    In addition to all the necessary rooms for such a library, he planned a standing exhibition of the development of the Serbian script and book, from the earliest manuscripts, epigraphs, inscriptions on the frescoes, to Vuk and the present time.

    images srpsko blago studenicani
    Srpsko blago studenicani
    Thus, respecting these elder friends of his, he became closely connected with the republicans, and remained under their influence all the time during his studies.

    At the same time, Surep also organised the first systematic repairs of damaged monuments, and research and preservation of archaeological and historical complexes. It had been elaborately planned by St Sava and built accordingly.

    images srpsko blago studenicani

    He was the first to initiate and organize exhibitions of copies of our frescoes abroad, the first, held in Paris inwhich served later as a basis for the foundation of the Gallery of frescoes. The residence at the back of the churchyard was set on fire by Albanian terrorists in ; it was restored in In order to enable the complete activities of the Library in the new building, Surep revived the compilation of the Serbian retrospective bibliography and the description of Serbian Cyrillic manuscripts; the purchase of Yugoslav and foreign books was intensified; and the formation of the Central catalogue of Serbia has been taken into account.

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    1. In those years, the composition of patriarch Joanikije's Dormition was created above his sarcophagus.

    2. He visited the building-site every day, behaved intimately and attentively, as if building his own home, reminding us of an ancient estate-owner who builds his foundation.